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Come browse and shop our large selection of decorative door decor including rustic iron Clavos Nailheads, Speakeasy Hardware, Corner Straps, Hinges, Grills, Garage Accessories, Knockers, Shutters and Accessories, Patio & Beam parts and more! Our decorative door hardware comes in a variety of sizes, colors and materials to fit your every need. Enhance your home with the variety of decorative and functional hardware that you’ll find here at PH Door Decor.

PH Door Decor was developed by the PH Door and Hardware Company at the urging of our many customers and their builders. This small custom door manufacturer was requested to supply numerous custom homes with authentic looking door accessories, giving the Territorial or Tuscany feel to their doors. Homes being built in Scottsdale and Tucson, Arizona, along with homes built in Santa Barbara, California and Santa Fe New Mexico, were a natural to this type of design.

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Clavos, Speakeasy Hardware, Corner Straps, Hinges, Grills, Garage Accessories, Knockers and Shutter Accessories

door2_largeOriginating out of the Southwest by local craftsman and blacksmiths, PH Door Decor has developed an extensive line of iron grills and speakeasy door parts. Hinge straps in various sizes and designs to enhance that custom entry door along with matching clavos. They have also included shutter straps and shutter dogs to carry the look through the entire residence. The philosophy to grow will continue by adding new products that are design driven.

Due to the custom design of our products, many variations are found in each piece adding to the personality and authenticity of our products. At PH Door Decor we do not attempt to make each product the same, and want our customers to be aware of this variance.

Thank you for your interest in PH Door Decor, your source for beautiful custom door and gate hardware.